The bigger problem we plan to solve.

Before the Clean Earth Bag was created, we realized a major issue that the outdoor industry faces. Unfortunately, we face a devastating truth in today's society. Conservationists are becoming exceedingly scarce and environmental organizations are understaffed, underfunded, and underappreciated. In addition, there is a decline in government funding to national wildlife refuges, a decline in active members in sportsman clubs, and a major decline in funds available for non-profits due to economic hardships our nation currently faces. These organizations that were once flourishing decades ago, are now struggling to continue conservation efforts due to a severe lack of capital. There are countless projects that need immediate attention, but the stewards that would once tackle them are now unable to take them on.               


Okay, so how do we plan to solve this issue? 

Well, there are several key steps we have set in place to ensure Fish Gods can sustain and exceed in reaching these goals. The first step was structuring our company as a for-profit company. This allows us to bypass many problems organizations face today. We do not have to rely on membership dues, donations, or government funding to create change. We harness the power of outdoor enthusiasts supporting our products by using revenue to make conservation efforts happen quickly and effectively. We make sure to offer products that outdoor enthusiasts truly need to make a difference. Though we have many products in our pipeline, the Clean Earth Bag is our flagship example of our model. With the Clean Earth Bag, we arm outdoor enthusiasts with the tool that cleans our waters. In turn, we not only get a cleaner planet, but also an opportunity from revenue to step up and create the environmental change that we need.  

Consider the model of SpaceX and NASA. Through the power of public funding, Elon Musk has been able to complete projects that we may not have seen NASA complete in our lifetime. The effectiveness of SpaceX comes from not having to rely on government funding. We plan to harness consumers in the same way to accelerate and enhance the capability of our conservation opportunities. When you purchase something from Fish Gods, 5% is collected from the total revenue and placed in a fund that is used for environmental initiatives across the country.  

It's important to know...

The goal of Fish Gods is NOT to replace, overstep, and overshadow organizations that are currently in place making a difference. Our goal is to use our funds and directly partner with organizations for research and conservation projects. Organizations like Trout Unlimited would be a perfect example to the model. We raise the funds, TU provides the knowledge, research, and man power. Collectively, we can tackle an issue quickly and effectively. 

If you know of a project that is in need of major attention, please contact us at Fishgodsco@gmail.com.